What makes a Luxury Home a Luxury?

11.25.2011  |  category: Real_Estate  |  posted by: Joy Mengeringhausen

For many the words Luxury Home can imply a myriad of things from spacious homes and expansive views to exclusive developments and golfing clubs. But what really makes a property a Luxury Home?

The following are key points to consider in determining a Luxury Home.

  1. Location, location, location.  Whether it’s a gulf front, golfing, boating, gated community or even an old shack on a quarter acre of land poised perfectly at the mouth of the bay. The exclusivity of the location is indeed considered a luxury in a Luxury home.
  2. Architecture - The unique architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, Addison Mizner and Donald A. Gardner just to name a few, would set the home leaps and bounds above the average cookie cutter home. Additionally, a custom designed home whether your own unique design or that of a reputable architect will positively effect the home’s value and rank in the Luxury Home category.
  3. Square Footage - Room to grow, room to “be”.  Having “space” to raise your family, for guests or rooms for hobbies and other activities is undoubtedly one of the considerations when purchasing a Luxury Home.
  4. Design/Upgrades - Design and upgrades can truly set a home apart whether it’s imported marble, raised paneling, custom trim, recessed flooring or the extreme uniqueness of a seventeenth century hand carved alabaster railing. The exclusivity and uniqueness of the items can certainly elevate the home’s value, classifying it as a Luxury Home.
  5. View - Panoramic views of the gulf and or bay, conservation land, a well maintained garden, or the beach are all luxuries exclusive to a Luxury Home because of their limited supply and high demand.
  6. Acreage - For many having the privacy of multiple acres of land is a luxury in itself. Plenty of room to build your luxury home or simply enough room for privacy from the media or the ongoings of the outside world is considered a luxury.
  7. Uniqueness/Exclusivity - Above all when considering a Luxury Home, the uniqueness and exclusivity of all the aforementioned by themselves or combined, are what make a Luxury Home a Luxury.

Considering the purchase or sale of a Luxury Home in SW Florida? 


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